I don't just teach it,
I live it!

My focus is helping clients understand the mental and physical components of regaining a healthy, balanced relationship with food through one-on-one coaching, personalized shopping lists, understanding nutrition fundamentals, meal prep, and planning as well as offering online fitness classes, Boot Camps and more! 

I do NOT diagnose or treat illnesses.  

ALL diet changes should be discussed at length with your health care professional prior to starting.

I am currently working toward my Master Certification in Nutrition & Wellness through the American Fitness Professionals & Associates program.

I have also recently partnered with Beach Body as a Coach to take my own personal health and fitness goals to the next level and be able to help people like me across the country. 

If you would like more information about my services, Boot Camps, Beach Body, and retreats please feel free to contact me directly.


Cell: 203-395-4810

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