Believe it or not, it's still difficult for me to talk about my journey and how my health and this "business" came about... But here goes nothin'!

In November 2015 I was at my heaviest. I looked and felt like crap. At 5'3" I was 245 pounds and a size 18 Plus! I had let myself "go" and my body was paying the price.  My hips and my knees ached all the time and my Doctor was talking about joint replacement. My Psoriatic Arthritis was in a constant flair and my skin was a mess and I had just been handed a prescription for Humira.  (Check out the side effects!) My Asthma and Type 2 Diabetes were out of control...  I was eating Motrin like orange tic-tacs!


I was 46 years old. 


Seeing pictures of myself from my friend's wedding pushed me to REALLY take a look at what I was doing to my body and make some serious changes to my lifestyle. Not only for myself, but for my kids.  I had tried EVERY diet under the sun and I was seriously considering *Bariatric Surgery at this point. So I knew immediately that I wanted to take the word "DIET" out of my vocabulary. I wanted a change that was more about feeling good about myself and NOT deprivation. 


I started writing down everything I put into my body. I started looking at WHY I was eating and not just WHAT I was eating. And I didn't tell ANYONE what I was doing. My goal was never a "target" weight or specific size. It was merely to find a healthy lifestyle and FEEL better. I made changes that not only benefited my body, but also my mind. I started reading everything about nutrition and wellness I could get my hands on.  I tossed the scale and decided this time there would be no gimmicks, no pills... I just cut out the crap, processed sugars/carbs and added more exercise. I ate MORE and not LESS and found foods that not only fueled my body but were also delicious and satisfying.

I wasn't hungry anymore.  I wasn't miserable. I had energy for the first time in years!
My body started changing... and not just my size, but my HEATLH.  My joints stopped swelling, my pain was gone, I had a HUGE reduction in my skin flairs, I became completely diet controlled with my Diabetes and I haven't had a single Asthma flair in almost 2 years! 


I started working with my Doctors and understanding my tests and bloodwork. I became an advocate for my own health. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn... and I decided that I wanted to share what I was learning with others who were struggling. I created a Facebook Group "The Weigh It Is" to share what I was learning with others and the feedback was incredible. So many amazing people wanted to share their journeys with me! It pushed me to go back to school to get my certification in Health and Wellness along with Weight management.  I found an amazing group of people to work with to build my business and help guide me forward.


And the better I treated myself, the kinder I was to my body, the more the physical changes kept coming.  I constantly remind myself.....

I AM a work in progress. I AM worthy. I AM strong. I AM always learning. 


Sometimes I forget just how far I've come until I do my comparison photos. Especially since my journey had more to do with wellness and health... the weight loss came slow, but naturally. 80 lbs in two years. Less than a pound per week, averaged out. Once the majority of the weight was gone, I hired an amazing personal trainer, Tammy Kershaw Gruber, and began to add fitness to my daily routine and saw even MORE changes. 

And then, at 49, my life changed again.  Divorce.  Never an easy thing.... but I found myself not being able to afford the cost of a personal trainer and I started backsliding into some bad habits.  But luckily, I was able to catch myself quicker this time.  Not being a typical "Gym Girl" I found myself looking for something MORE.

That's when I found Beach Body and my incredible mentor, Krystal Karmatz. I found a nutritionally solid diet plan and fitness program that not only I could get behind but I could easily share with my clients across the country. PLUS, be part of an amazing community of people that made me feel welcome and part of something bigger while helping to achieve my financial goals. 

I believe that Wellness is a process and everyBODY is different... You need to work with your health care professional and have a full bloodwork profile before starting ANY wellness or weight loss program. And if *Bariatric Surgery is YOUR path to wellness, then DO IT.  Find the BEST Doctor and make a choice to live a heathier life... but learn how to eat and fuel your body in the process.  There are NO judgements here. 

This is simply my journey....

Besos -