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One size? One lies!   More Mind-Fuckery

March 1, 2019



I always tell my clients to stay off the scale.  Especially when they are first changing into the mindset of a healthy lifestyle and not a diet mentality. In my humble, yet somewhat professional, experience; getting on the scale daily only fuels the diet mindset of “what can I eat today?”   In many cases, it becomes a weapon to either reward or punish yourself with food.  No Bueno!

I always preferred for them to use their clothes as a guide.  Judge how something fits, and when the clothing becomes too loose, drop down to the next size.  Seemed like a simple method at the time… But, OH, the mind-fuckery of the clothing size! 

I hate to admit it, but I JUST realized that I’ve been caught up in the size-mentality over the last few months. 

How did I come to this profound realization?? I went clothes shopping. And what a complete eye opener that was for me!

What size do I wear? I am currently 5’2” and weigh 155 lbs. But my clothing size completely depends on where I shop – 


  • My “general” sizing is a 6 in jeans/pants and a Medium in tops.

  • Loft Curvy sizing is a 4 in jeans/pants and a Small/Medium in tops.

  • Aeropostale and American Eagle I’m a size 8 in jeans/pants and a Small/Extra Small (Mind BLOWN, right??) in tops. 

  • Target I can be anywhere from a Small to an Extra Large depending on brand.


Add 4, subtract the circumference of the sun, divide by 30, carry the 1 and you have my true size SOMEWHERE in that mess.  And this isn’t just for the ladies… Guy’s sizes fluctuate too!

But the COMPLETE MIND-FUCK came when I brought two of the exact same pairs of pants home, from the same store, same brand, same size…just a different color.





And you know what?? The darker pair didn’t fit. 


And I don’t mean they were tight – I couldn’t get them ON.  NOT EVEN CLOSE! What the literal shit is going on?? I checked and rechecked the size…. Maybe they were tagged wrong?  NOPE!!




So I tried on the lighter pair and they fit perfectly. Seriously??




After I realized what a complete sabotage this could be for someone who is “dieting” and depending on a size to help them stay on track, I sat down and did a little (ok, a lot) of research and I came across a ton of information on this subject. 


That lead me to this great Time article about “Vanity Sizing” -  


Please take a minute to read this… It’s amazing how completely inaccurate the entire industry is with clothing sizes.

I realized that had this happened in the beginning of my journey, my old mentality of “size matters” would’ve spun me into a tailspin that lead to me putting crap into my mouth when the first pair of jeans didn’t fit. 


ESPECIALLY because I “size-up” at this particular store. 


If I hadn’t changed my mindset, it would’ve lead to me punishing myself with food. It would’ve keep me in the decades old cycle of yo-yo dieting. 


So, since my journey is all about a healthy lifestyle, I have adjusted my mindset again. 


Not only should we not have to rely on a scale to determine our happiness, but a clothing size should fall in that category as well. Every store is different, every brand is different, and every BODY is different.

Focus on feeling good and continuing to put healthy food into your machine. (And possibly an occasional cupcake!) Don’t let a number dictate your worth and mess with your mind or your health.


A positive mindset is the biggest tool you have in living your best and healthiest life. It’s what keeps you focused on the long-term journey and not a final destination. 


Change the mindset that you need a certain weight or size to make you happy… love yourself now – first and always.  That’s the Weigh It is!



Tricia Lynn


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